Our property sourcing process, how we work with you

We like to work individually with you to understand your needs, not just email out lists of properties. We’ve found that unless you’re a regular, large-scale investor, this can just become confusing. Here’s an outline of our property sourcing process showing how we work with investors to find their perfect property.

Our property sourcing process:

  • Firstly, complete our investor form which tells us more about what you’re looking for. Most importantly it tells us how quickly you can proceed.
  • When we’ve reviewed your form, we’ll arrange a call to talk it through with you in more detail. This ensures we really understand all your property investment criteria.
  • It’s then over to us as we begin searching for properties that meet your criteria. We’ll focus on our current ‘hot spot’ areas that we know will give you great returns.
  • Once we have found a suitable property for you that meets your requirements, we will email you an Investment Summary which will provide all the key information about the property and clearly state our sourcing fee. If required, we’ll arrange another call to run through the deal so that all your questions can be answered.
  • If you decide to proceed we will send over our Terms & Conditions and an invoice for our sourcing fee.
  • Once we have received your signed Ts & C’s and payment, we will send you a Property Brochure together with a Viewing Inspection Report which covers all the checks and observations found when viewing the property. The brochure is a detailed document with all the relevant details of both the property and the local area. We then instruct the selling agents that you are the buyer and request the property is marked as SSTC (Sold Subject To Contract).
  • The purchase process will proceed as any normal property sale. At this point we will take a step back and let you deal directly with the agent.

We will be on hand to help you with any issues that may arise throughout the purchase process right up to completion.


Congratulations, you will have added a great, high earning property in your portfolio with us on hand ready to help you find another!

For your peace of mind, we’re fully compliant and have been buying buy to let property since 2007. https://www.imperopropertysolutions.co.uk/compliance/

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