Property investing with us

Property Investing with us

We make property investing easy with our hands off service that offers you an agreed fixed return over a flexible time period. Therefore, it’s a simple solution that means you can just leave the hard work to us.

Hands off property investing, how it works

You invest with us for an agreed period of time (usually 12 to 36 months). In return, we will offer you a fixed interest rate that can either be paid to you monthly or rolled up to the end of the loan term. At this point we will pay back the capital and accrued interest if relevant. Of course you can also opt to re-invest the capital and keep it with us if you wish.

Once the money has been invested there is very little you need to do. We will source and purchase the property and we organise any required development. The project is progressed and managed to completion by us and we direct and manage everything.

Your capital and the return that you will receive are protected by an approved legal agreement that we both sign.

We are always very happy to have an informal conversation about how this can work for you. In fact, we think it’s critical to get to know any new investors and vice versa. For us, we like to meet new investors before we talk through an opportunity.

Additionally, it’s important that we all feel comfortable working together. Demand is often high and we can’t always work with everyone.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to talk about how you could work with us, just go to our contact page or let’s chat via our Messenger pop up.

A hand shake to demonstrate that property investing with us is a win:win option